Jon-man Cheung

Okay, so we get this question a lot - why use open source? Well I just wanted to write a very brief post on why I think you should consider it for your organisation. 

1. Freedom

Have you ever wondered what happens when you stop paying license fees to commercial vendors? Quite often, the answer is you can't access your own data. Pretty bad isn't it. Surely you wouldn't want this to happen to your organisation! With Open source solutions you own your own data and won't get locked out.

2. Flexibility

What if the product doesn't do what you want? Usually, you like it or lump it. Open source allows you to go 'under-the-hood' and make changes with the aid of a developer who understands how it works.

3. Cost

There are many commercial choices out there, so you've probably heard the sales pitch about how Salesforce, Dynamics, SageCRM, SugarCRM can do the job for you. Have you really compared what open source can do for free? As a charity, GMCVO decided that open source software was not just a good choice, but an ethical choice.

Of course, nothing is free, you may choose to pay someone to implement open source software for you, but with open source your budget is spent on support and development, rather than license fees. If you want to find out more about CiviCRM - our first choice for open source CRM - please get in touch with us.