Bari Pollard

You may be aware there has just been a critical security release for CiviCRM. As a result, we are working as quickly as we can to move all sites up to the new release which is 5.10.3.
Due to the nature of this update, it is mandatory we upgrade all sites and we will look to do so with as little disruption to your service as possible. These upgrades are unable to be scheduled and have to be supervised so we can try to avoid busy times but some disruption will be inevitable.
The majority of sites should be completed within a couple of days and your individual downtime should be around 10-30 minutes. However if your site contains customisations, your upgrade may take a little longer. There are some modules that do not claim to work with the revised version- we will work with the extension providers on timescales to get these implemented if possible.
As with any new release, there may be unforeseen effects on your functionality, so if you do experience any problems, please raise a ticket and we will work to resolve as quickly as we are able.
Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation.

GMCVO Databases Team