Jon-man Cheung

This year we've engaged with a number of our clients and been able to explain to them the benefits of CiviCRM membership. 

You may or may not know that CiviCRM is an open source software solution. There are many benefits to this, one of them being that it is freely available. In fact, one of CiviCRM's missions is that an amazing CRM system is available to charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises like yours. 

CiviCRM membership meaningful change article

So if you believe in CiviCRM, want to support the community of over 10,000 organisations using it and want to continue sustaining your relationships, why not become a member today - - If you're a client of ours, get in touch, we can even get you a discount!

Here is what CiviCRM Core Team member, Joshua Gowans, says about it, "Membership with CiviCRM is the single best way for end user organizations to support the project. Not only does it continue the development and maintenance of the software, it ensures that over 11k organizations worldwide can continue to pursue their missions with a sophisticated CRM built to meet their needs. Truly, membership with CiviCRM does a world of good."

Your support is incredibly valued.