Bari Pollard

How long will it take? This is a question we get asked a lot! However our answer of, it depends, can cause some friction. 

However it really does depend on: 

Will the spec change after we begin? So we start something and then a new question arises from the work already done. This happens a lot and the spec suddenly changes. 

Are we depending on supplies or inputs from other people? Is there a third party involved? Are the people able to make decisions available when those decisions have to be made. 

Will the budget change? You might find more money or have less of a budget than before. 

Is this work that has been done by anyone before? We might be able to look at other examples of work delivered or it might be something no-one has done before which will take longer. 

Is this work that has been done by us before? If this this something we have already done for someone else we can speed things up. 

Is finishing it fast more important than doing it well or on budget? Sometimes a deadline means it has to be finished in a workable fashion, or sometimes you want it perfect before launching. 

Do you want to participate in the work? You might have some skills internally that can speed up the process but that needs building into the work flows.  

How many different people are involved? The more people involved the slower the process of getting agreement on specs or work delivered will be.  

Are all the people, budgets and assets in place already? Is everything in place? Or do you need to go and get approval at every decision stage. 



So yes... It depends is usually the answer. 


Pathfinding takes longer than path following. Discussions can lead to changes in spec. Dependencies always add time.