Bari Pollard

We are seeing a large increase in emails getting flagged as Spam by the recipient, especially from Microsoft. All it can take is a few people marking an email as Spam and you can get blocked across whole domains. This isn't just you though, this affects the whole server you are on. So a few people marking your email as Spam can stop thousands of people getting emails delivered and everyone's reputation is affected.  

When we set up CiviCRM we ensure that SPF and DKIMs are enabled to ensure your emails are delivered into the mailbox. However what happens after that is up to you, your email content, email templates and policies to ensure your mailing list data are accurate and up to date. 

So what can you do? 

  1. Ensure everyone is signing up correctly and understands what they are agreeing to.
  2. Check your processes, are people getting added manually?
  3. Ensure your templates are clear about how to Unsubscribe. Is it hidden at the bottom? In small letters? Try putting it near the top.
  4. Add a statement around this, for example: Thank-you for agreeing to receive this email. If you no longer want to get these please update your preferences here. 
  5. Have a policy around removing unengaged members. 
  6. Firstly define what an unengaged member is!
  7. Then review the disengaged members, contact them or just remove them from your lists.

A fully engaged smaller distribution list is much better than a lot of unhappy people getting emails they don’t really want. 

What if I don't do this? 

Well basically we will either have to move you to a Virtual Server so you are not affecting other clients, at a cost. Or we can use other sender email frameworks, these cost money per email recipient and even then you can still get blocked when using these systems. 

Further information

Rich Lott has done a video around Email Deliverability which can be viewed on YouTube here CiviCRM Youtube Channel

    Oh and here is a header notice in a bulk email that was received by one of the team that you might want to consider using: 

    You are receiving this email because you have actively subscribed to our newsletter on WEBSITE ADDRESS or checked the box "Email me with news and offers" during the sign-up process. We do not intend to spam you, so if you do not want to receive any further emails from us, you can unsubscribe here. If you run into technical difficulties, please contact us here.