Managing CRM implementation: Client-Side

By Bari Pollard on 13th September 2019, 08:39

According to research, success in 68% of technology projects is “improbable”.

Internally, poor planning and management, lack of communication and executive sponsorship are all problems that can often cause a CRM implementation to go over budget, not be delivered on time or fail completely, due to inappropriate design or lack of adoption.

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2016 Training Infographic

By Alice Gaskell on 12th December 2016, 12:54

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Reports and exporting information in CiviCRM - A User Guide

By Alice Gaskell on 12th May 2016, 16:32

 Reports and exporting information in CiviCRM - User Guide



1. Reports VS Search- which is most suitable for your requirements? 


1.1 Reports

Reports allows users to easily view complex data. This is particularly useful when users require the same or similar information repeatedly. This information can be made available in various ways:

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