Alice Gaskell

Interested in CiviCRM, come meet like minded souls from across the North of England.

UK user groups are an informal way to meet others from the community, find out about CiviCRM and learn more. There are demonstrations, discussions and the chance to meet other people involved in the community. We aim to make them as useful and user led as possible.

The North of England UK user group is held once a quarter.

This meetup will be held at Madlab, Edge Street deep in Manchester's Northern Quarter, between 2pm and 4.30pm on Wednesday 27th September.

  • Have some demonstrations with the opportunity to speak to those who already use CiviCRM in their organisation
  • Run a group Q and A session

A big thanks to MadLab for the venue

Tweet @GMCVODatabases using the hashtag #NWCiviMeet to let us know what you'd like to cover. Or email [email protected]