We're excited to announce that CiviCamp Manchester (the first UK CiviCamp) will be held here at the St Thomas Centre on Thursday March 9th

What is CiviCamp?

It will be a one day mini-conference about everything CiviCRM

How is that different from CiviCon?

Well, for a start it's shorter (just one day, rather than two). And for another thing it's here in Manchester.

But the main difference is that CiviCamp has a greater focus on how CiviCRM Users can get the most out of their systems.

What kind of sessions will be running?

There will be sessions about working with core modules of CiviCRM ( Introduction to CiviCRM session, Managing Training with CiviEvent)

  • Sessions focussing on Civi Extensions (Civi Booking, SMS)
  • News about the latest developments (CiviHR)
  • And sessions on wider topics around databases and working with data for the third sector (Data Protection, Open Data).

The timetable for the day is yet to be finalised. A full listing will be published nearer to the date.

Who will be there?

There will be a mixture of CiviCRM Users from organisations across the country. And there will be sessions during the day where you can share your experience of working with CiviCRM, as well as learning from the experience of others. There will also be a range of Implementors and Developers who will be delivering sessions as wellas joining in discussions. It will be a great opportunity to share ideas, build networks and extend your knowledge of CiviCRM.

What are the details?

CiviCamp Manchester is a one -day mini Conference running from 09.00h to 16.30h on Thurday 9th March 2017.

It will take place at the St Thomas Centre which is a 10 minute stroll from Manchester Piccadilly rail station.

The cost for the day is £25 (Includes lunch)

Sounds good where can I book?

You can register online now at the CiviCRM site.

And if you have any further questions, please direct them to [email protected].