It’s easy to forget when you’re working with CiviCRM, sat at a computer tapping information in, or extracting data out, that you are part of an international network of voluntary/ charity/ not-for-profit organisations all using the software to support your work.

Coming up are two opportunities to meet up with the wider network of other CiviCRM users, administrators, implementers and developers who make up the international community who come together to create, develop and extend the Contact Management software.

At the end of September, the CiviCRM community from across Europe (and further afield) come together for CiviCon London Two days of presentations, workshops and discussions looking at how different organisations are extending the use of CiviCRM, and new features that are ready for release.

Neal Sharpe, Finance Officer for Manchester based George House Trust, attended in 2013. “As a new user it was great to see how people from different organisations were using the system, and to be able to share how it was making a difference.

The pace and length of sessions was just right. Long enough to deliver plenty of information, but still keep your attention. It was really positive to see the enthusiasm of people making the presentations.”

This year’s conference takes place on Thursday and Friday 25th and 26th September.

If you can’t make the conference, the North of England CiviCRM user group will be meeting the week before on Thursday 18th September. The meeting takes place at Madlab in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

It’s an opportunity to meet up with other CiviCRM users from across the region, share ideas, swap notes and compare solutions. Join us for the opportunity to network and learn from the most active users and implementers in the CiviCRM community.