Why we use Open Source Solutions

Submitted by Jon-man Cheung on Fri, 09/25/2015 - 13:36

The beauty of open-source software is that it is open and available to the public, meaning anyone can inspect, modify or enhance the basic design. 


What is Open Source?

The Open Source Initiative defines open source as software that provides free access to the source code to users and developers. 

To be considered open-source, it must:

CiviCRM North of England Meet Ups

Come meet others from the North of England who are interested in, using or developing CiviCRM.

UK user groups are an informal way to meet others from the community, find out about CiviCRM and learn more. There are demonstrations, discussions and the chance to meet other people involved in the community. We aim to make them as useful and user led as possible.

The North of England UK user group is held once a quarter and in December we will be holding 2 meetups; one in Manchester and one in Leeds. 


The CiviCRM Community- Get Involved

It’s easy to forget when you’re working with CiviCRM, sat at a computer tapping information in, or extracting data out, that you are part of an international network of voluntary/ charity/ not-for-profit organisations all using the software to support your work.

Coming up are two opportunities to meet up with the wider network of other CiviCRM users, administrators, implementers and developers who make up the international community who come together to create, develop and extend the Contact Management software.