What does implementing a CRM cost and what is the financial case for CiviCRM?

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Every decision your organisation makes will have a financial implication, projects cost money and there’s no getting away from it.  When implementing a CRM you should consider what functions you need and how much it costs to support and sustain them.

In our opinion, the greatest advantage of CiviCRM is that you can benefit from all its features in one single system.  This means you don’t have the cost of purchasing software/licences and maintaining multiple systems that carry out separate activities (such as mailings, event management, fundraising, memberships/subscriptions).

Why we use Open Source Solutions

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The beauty of open-source software is that it is open and available to the public, meaning anyone can inspect, modify or enhance the basic design. 


What is Open Source?

The Open Source Initiative defines open source as software that provides free access to the source code to users and developers. 

To be considered open-source, it must: